Rez Infinite

Some games are timeless. Rez is one of them. Set in a cyberspace landscape riddled with bugs, you guide your tiny figure on a quest to awaken the mysterious being lying dormant within in. To get to her, you must shoot through hordes of technicolor, swirling viruses that lob projectiles and try to block your path. But it’s not the narrative that makes this game incomparable; Rez is a rail shooter on paper and a heart-pounding synesthesia joyride in practice.

Rez Infinite, the updated remake designed for the PlayStation 4 and PSVR, is still the same game as the original Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 version, albeit with a little more visual flourish. Backgrounds that were once hazy have been replaced with updated, crystal clear pieces of the cyberworld. Colors are brighter, lines sharper. Enemies drift in and out of your field of view with a new smoothness. And in VR, Rez Infinite allows you to dive deeper into its world in ways previously impossible.

To navigate Rez, you need only concern yourself with aiming and shooting, as you remain on rails moving at a set speed at all times. While holding down the X button you use the left stick–or in VR, the headset’s motion tracking–to highlight the enemy or enemies with a targeting reticle, then release the button to fire your shot. Rez encourages you to chain hits together by cluttering your field of view with opponents, making picking them off one by one not an option. And this isn’t as simple as it sounds, given enemies come flying at you from every direction at all once, and that’s not even counting the additional projectiles they toss your way. Shooting sounds are replaced with claps or beats, and successfully destroying enemies results in a flood of musical tones. You can pick off your opponents in time with the beat, or create your own discordant melodies–it’s entirely up to your own rhythm.

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